Friday, May 20, 2011

One Deadly Sister

One Deadly Sister by Rod Hoisington

One Deadly Sister by Rod Hoisington
One Deadly Sister is the first book from new author Rod Hoisington and it has left readers panting for more! This is a murder mystery whodunit type of book that is easy to read with interesting and well-developed characters.

Raymond Reid finds himself in deep trouble when he gets banged up in prison for the murder of a high profile senator.

He calls his sister Sandy who doesn't want to know. The siblings have been estranged for years following the deaths of their parents.

However, curiosity gets the better of highly intelligent law student Sandy as events unfold and she arrives to find her brother being railroaded through the system by the police department and an over-eager prosecutor with one eye on his own ambitions.

The aptly titled book shows that petite Sandy is a worthy proponent of her brother's innocence and the plot unravels in a tangle of deceit and double-crossings, all of which is cleverly tied together and leaves the reader feeling thoroughly satiated.

Highly recommended.