Friday, August 19, 2011

Megan's Way by Melissa Foster

Megan's Way is a real tear-jerker about a woman dying from terminal cancer and plans she makes for the future of her young teenage daughter.

Inspired by a real life experience by authoress Melissa Foster, in Megan's Way, single mom Megan Taylor makes arrangements for daughter Olivia's future care without her beloved mom beside her.

Everyone has secrets, not only Megan, who has refused to name her child's father, but close friends Holly and Jack who she wishes to entrust with Olivia's care.

Olivia, meanwhile, has set herself on a dangerous path to self-destruction.

Megan's Way is a beautifully written and heart-warming tale that is suitable for teenage reading levels and upwards.

Crossing The Bridge by Michael Baron

Crossing The Bridge is a character-driven tale of human interaction and relationships more than a romance novel, by Michael Baron.

Hugh Penders has spent 10 years of his life wandering since the tragic death of his brother Chase, in a car crash.

Hugh feels guilty, as he believes he could have prevented the accident, plus he had been in love with his brother's girlfriend, Iris, at the time of the accident.

When his father suffers a heart attack, he returns home to the small town he grew up in, and finds a new lease of life.

One day on the street he bumps into Iris who had moved away after the accident too, and their love affair is rekindled.

Described as slow moving and lazy-paced, Crossing The Bridge is an in-depth study of human characters that is beautifully written and well worth reading.

The Trouble With Green by Liv James

The Trouble With Green is described a a romantic suspense novel by Liv James.

Josie Loysher is a determined and successful business woman, whose life is irrevocably changed when the national press highlight her earth-friendly inns.

With her husband half a country away on a new job, she has to face up to her own secret past in order to prevent a hostile take-over bid of her company.

Liv James has managed to create some very believable and likeable characters in a well-woven tale.

There are no stereotypical plots and you will be kept guessing as to what happens next.

A wonderful read.

Hurricanes in Paradise by Denise Hildreth

Hurricanes in Paradise is a delightful summer read about 4 women whose lives touch each other, changing them irrevocably forever.

Denise Hildreth is a Southern authoress whose deep felt Christianity shines through her books, but not in an overwhelming manner - more in a feel-good factor way.

Set in a top class hotel in Paradise Islands in the Bahamas, 4 women, 3 of them guests and the other staff, the newly appointed Director of Guest Relations, face an oncoming Hurricane together.

The experience brings out their deepest fears and as readers, we learn enough about their backgrounds to understand what makes them tick, and act the way they do.

Hurricane in Paradise is not about hurricanes at all, but about exploring the deep psyche within those women.

This is an excellent read that will have you both laughing and crying, and not wanting to put the book down at all.

You may even feel sadness at the end, because you want the story to go on.